2012 Outstanding Achievement Award Recipient, Luther Wilkes

Mr. Luther Wilkes has been a part of my life for about nine years.  Since meeting him, he has become a friend, brother, and mentor.  Mr. Luther has been an encourager to me as I have become involved with FFA Alumni on the state and national levels.  He ALWAYS has had a smile, a pat on the back, and a kind word (often in the form of a joke) for me and everyone else.  When one meets him it doesn’t take long to learn what is important to him; his God, his family, his community, and FFA.

Mr. Luther is an inspiration to all who know him.  He has had the opportunity to give up and refused to do it.  You see, he has been electrocuted, been in a major vehicle accident, where he lost his left arm, had a major heart attack which the doctor said he could not survive, and other health issues.  He has never given up or lost the ability to smile and encourage others.  He is a fighter for all that is good in the world.

Mr. Luther and I have had great times together while serving on the Georgia FFA Alumni Council.  He really likes to tease the wait staff at the Huddle House.  All in all, Luther Wilkes is an all-round good guy.

Congratulations my friend,
Johnny Jones, GA

Listing of all award recipients can be found on the FFA Alumni website.


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