Dixie National Livestock Show Spotlights FFA!

Dixie National Livestock ShowSaturday afternoon my family and I attended the Dixie National Livestock Show Rodeo in Jackson, MS. The Dixie National Livestock Show Rodeo is the largest East of the Mississippi River and voted by the cowboys as one of the top 5 rodeos in America.

The opening of the rodeo moved me to have a tear in my eye with pride.
The opening began with the Dodge video featuring Paul Harvey talking about the farmer (same one that was seen during the Super Bowl). At the end of the video, the announcer said our future in agriculture is in good hands with the FFA. The spot light then shown brightly on several FFA members standing in front of the arena entry gate. He spoke wonderfully of our FFA. You couldn’t buy such great publicity.

I called our FFA Executive Secretary, Gayle Fortenberry, to tell her how great I thought it was. They will do this each performance of the rodeo which started Thursday and goes through Wednesday. I hope the rodeo company and the announcer will continue this trough several of their rodeos this season. Please share this with fellow FFA and FFA Alumni.

Monte Ladner
Mississippi FFA Alumni Association


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